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Boating for Beginners—FREE Boating Seminars!

Before you begin looking or buy a boat, attend one of our FREE seminars.   Find out about the different types of boats, how they work, and what type might be right for you and your family.  Learn about the boating regulations and boating safety requirements.  See examples of the different types of river, inland lake, and Great Lake boating venues and attractions.  Understand the importance of planning and family comfort in enjoying boating activities.  Compare the options of buying new or pre-owned boats, advantages and disadvantages, trailering versus summer dockage, winter storage, and other requirements and tips for the total boating picture.

Intermediate Boaters—Moving up in boat or boating venue

If you’re looking to move up to a larger or different style boat, talk to other boaters with similar vessels.  We can help you get the information and experience you want before you step into the dealer showroom. We provide ON-THE-WATER TRAINING with your boat to help you refine your docking and close-quarters boat handling skills.  We also provide training for the rest of the family who wants to operate the family boat but not training from the primary Skipper.  We can help you improve your boat handling skills in different situations, take charge during a boating emergency, and get you up to speed with cruise planning and extended cruising scenarios. We can help you to understand your vessel’s systems, operation, and handling characteristics, so you can take advantage of its full potential and enjoyment. Working at your pace and using an approach specifically geared around your experience level, we’ll provide the hands-on training to help you operate your vessel proficiently, safely, and confidently in different scenarios, under various conditions. We even perform training drills so you’ll learn how to tackle on-water emergencies quickly and correctly.  And we’ll work with you at your schedule in a format geared to your success. 

Advanced Boaters—Licensing, bluewater cruising, & more

If you’re interested in pursuing a commercial license, moving from the Great Lakes to coastal and ocean boating, or whatever the reason, our Coast Guard-licensed instructors can provide you with training over a variety of boating topics from the basic boating course through celestial navigation including seamanship, piloting, advanced piloting, sextant and site reduction, sail, marine electronics, GPS, iPhone/iPad/computer navigation, VHF/DSC radio, vessel systems/maintenance, cruise planning and management, weather forecasting, RADAR, environmental management, vessel general permitting and more. And we can provide this customized training program individually and for groups.

We provide professional vessel delivery services throughout the Great Lakes, Eastern Canada, and the East Coast.  We can provide fast, reliable, cost-effective vessel delivery and we treat your boat like it was our own!

BOATING IS FUN! We can show you how...

BOAT/bōt/ noun - a small vessel propelled on the water by oars, sails, or an engine including paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, dinghies, daysailers, board boats, catamarans, keel boats, personal watercraft, runabouts, express cruisers, trawlers, sailing yachts, motor yachts, etc.

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