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North Coast Boating

Sustaining Americaís watercraft recreation heritage

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We Are North Coast Boating!

North Coast Boating was created by boaters to help others learn about and enjoy our watercraft recreational heritage.† It began through the love of boating by our four founding members, who combined possess over 140 years of boating experience.

Whether you own a boat or are simply want to find out more about boating, we cover all types of boating and can show you how to do things right from the start. And as you progress into boating we can continue to work with you, at your own pace, to help you enhance and advance your boating knowledge with the latest boating practices and technologies.

At North Coast Boating WE strive to:

 Introduce people to the amazing world of recreational boating;

 Promote boating safety by leadership and example;

 Provide those new to boating readily available access to experienced boaters to help guide them in researching boating information as their interest grows;

 Provide cost-effective and meaningful instruction in boat handling and boating safety techniques to ensure boater competency and well-being on the water;

 Provide boaters with reliable sources of information and mentoring to advance their skills, communicate updated safety practices, advances in boating, and innovations in maritime technologies;

 Promote environmental stewardship on the water by leadership and example, and,

 Provide professional, cost-effective delivery services.

North Coast Boating Founding Members

We are proud members of the United States Power Squadrons and use their courses, seminars, and materials in our instruction.†† The United States Power Squadrons is the oldest and largest boating club in the world.

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