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North Coast Boating

Sustaining America’s watercraft recreation heritage

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Any of our staff will be happy to talk with you about your specific boating interests, whether your just beginning or an advanced boater.  Call or email us at:


(216) 272-3964



Power Boat Handling, Marine Electronics/Navigation, Cruise Planning, Weather Forecasting, Vessel Maintenance, Trailer Boating, House and Pontoon Boats, Paddlecraft

Sam Insalaco — Master 100 GT, Commercial Towing

(216) 272-3964


Sail Boat Handling, Sailing, Boating Safety, and Celestial Navigation

Dylan Serrage — Master 50 GT, Sailing, Commercial Towing

(440) 299-8228


If you are interested in delivery services, please contact Sam Insalaco at (216) 272-3964.


North Coast Boating

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