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We Can Help You Further Your Boating Enjoyment

New to boating and want to find out more before you take the plunge? You’ve come to the right place!  We can help get you up to speed on any type of boating or venue, so be sure to check us out if you’re new to boating or thinking about buying a boat.

If you already own a boat, we can take you to a higher level of performance, competency and safety. You, your boat, and your boating locale  are unique, so we work with you to create a tailored program that will address your specific needs to benefit you directly.  We provide customized training for individuals and groups in both classroom and on-water settings and we work within your schedule and at your pace.

Our start-to-finish program begins with orientation.  We hold the informational sessions at a boat dealer, marina, or yacht club to help acclimate people to boating with plenty of examples to examine.  We follow this with classroom instruction to ensure boaters understand the rules of the road, state and federal regulations and basic boating techniques.  Then we move back to the boat dealer,  marina or yacht club for hands on practice.  Finally, when you buy your boat, we take you out and work with you on the water until your comfortable behind the wheel.


Our boating safety courses cover safety equipment, your vessel and how it operates, rules of the road, regulations, reading and plotting routes on nautical charts, calculating speed and distances, aids to navigation.  Upon successful completion, you receive the Ohio DNR Boat Operator Certification card.

Boating Safety

Unsure how to handle your lines, set your anchor, or instruct your crew? Do you understand the systems on your boat and how to maintain them?  Our training on your boat can tackle all your questions about operation, maintenance, trailering, storage, and winterization.


Extended Cruise Planning

Looking to take your boat to a far away destination but lack the experience to plan the voyage?  Or maybe you just want another set of eyes to review your plans and help you develop contingencies.  Using the latest tools and techniques we can help make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Got all the goodies but not sure how to use them effectively? We can help you understand and become proficient at using  your electronics: Raymarine, Furuno, Garmin, and many others.  And our on-water training shows you how to get the most out your equipment through hands-on operational exercises.

Electronic Helm

Feel challenged to dock your boat?  What if the primary skipper becomes injured, could you get the boat home or call for help?  Our on-water training will show you how to operate and dock your boat in winds and currents with the confidence and skill and confidence to dock like a pro!

Boat Handling

We teach seamanship, piloting, advanced piloting, celestial navigation, sail, marine electronics/computer navigation, VHF/DSC radio, vessel systems and engine maintenance, cruise planning, weather, RADAR, sail trim and rig tuning, environmental management, permitting, and much more.

Advanced Courses

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Yacht Delivery

Vessel Safety Check

The U.S. Coast Guard and Ohio DNR have specific requirements for safety gear that must be on board your vessel.  The Vessel Safety Check is a FREE INSPECTION of your vessel to ensure it meets these requirements. Call us to provide a vessel safety check at your home, the boat ramp, or your marina.

We can provide fast, reliable, cost-effective vessel delivery throughout the Great Lakes, Canada, and East Coast. And we treat your boat like it was our own!  Call Sam at (216) 272-3964 for more information.

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